Rules of IPL: Best league for bets on mobile apps
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Cricket is older than it may seem. This very popular game in the British Isles began to be played in the late thirteenth century in the county of Kent, which is located not far from the English capital.

Although at the very beginning the game was very popular among the lowest strata of English society, as time passed, the richer members of the local communities also took an interest in the game. Now the game is extremely popular around the world, and especially the Indian League IPL. 

In this article we will talk about the rules of this league and opportunities for betting.

Rules of Cricket IPL 

A total of 8 teams play in the IPL. Each of them represents an Indian city. These teams play two games against each other and a total of 14 games in the league phase. One game is played at each team’s home stadium, the other away.

The bottom 4 teams in the table are eliminated and the top 4 teams qualify for the playoffs. In the playoffs, the top two teams play qualifying game 1, which means if one of them loses this game, they get another chance to qualify for the final. The teams ranked 3rd and 4th play the elimination match, and the winner of that match meets the loser of qualifier 1 in qualifier 2. The team that wins qualifier 2 qualifies for the final together with the winner of qualifier 1.

The league uses the usual rules of cricket. In the middle of the field there is a “pitch”. (turf). At its ends there are “wickets”. (At the ends of the pitch there are “wickets”, which are three wooden posts driven into the ground.

A player of one of the teams (“bowler”) throws a ball made of cork (circumference 224 mm) in the direction of the opposite goal, trying to hit it and get a “wicket” for his team.

The opposing player (“batsman”) defends it using a wooden bat. The object of cricket is to score “runs”. (literally “runs”) by the batsman and the non-striker, who is the fielder.

How much money is made in the Indian Premier League?

The average value that the IPL generates in a season is 500 million dollars. From the auctions to the prizes that are won, there is a large number everywhere. The franchisees who buy the teams spend money on the game. Reliance Industries itself invests more than $111 million each year.

Where to Download the IPL Betting Apps For Android And iOS

To find a mobile betting app with high odds and a good line is not easy – in most cases, bookmakers offer bets on the most basic and popular outcomes. But if you want to download an IPL betting app with a wide line and comfortable conditions, you should use sites that make reviews, for example, After reading the rating and choosing a suitable bookmaker, you can download his app directly on the site.

Many apps for iOS can be downloaded from the App Store. However, if you have an Android OS, only the betting sites or review sites mentioned above can help you. There you can easily find official APK files, which are quick and easy to install on modern smartphones.


IPL is popular in betting mobile apps, and all due to the presence of a number of advantages:

  • High max bets. Bookmakers put decent limits on the maximum bets, which are rarely found in other sports.
  • Convenient use
  • Accessibility anywhere in the world
  • Speed of operation.

If you are an active gambler, you should definitely download one of the IPL mobile betting apps. This will help you always follow your favorite teams and win on your predictions in a few clicks.

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