How To Prevent Ransomware
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How can ransomware attacks be prevented?

For example, the option is to block the servers that are used by malware. To do so, they can be added to the firewall’s list of prohibited addresses. Companies should also ensure employees are properly trained in Internet security. How widely used encryption is will probably determine whether you will pay the ransom. If ransomware attacks become too common, victims may refuse to pay at all, knowing it doesn’t guarantee their data will be returned. How quickly a victim pays up could depend on how important their files are and if there’s time-sensitive material involved. It may no longer seem like such a good idea to pay if your files don’t return.

Can you stop ransomware?

If your endpoint devices are protected, the ransomware won’t be able to encrypt your files because it can’t infect them. A strong antivirus solution alone is not enough, as some ransomware variants will infect and encrypt files before an AV solution has a chance to detect and block them.

Ransomware is often delivered through phishing emails with malicious attachments or links. Your organization must have security awareness training, so employees know what to look out for, and they understand that if something seems suspicious, they should report it. This includes email attachments from unknown sources, as well as any other type of communication that requests information or action from staff members.

What are the best practices to defeat ransomware?

  • Keep your browser updated, and avoid clicking links or opening unknown links.
  • Never download software from unofficial sites, as this can lead to infection by ransomware. Do not install unverified freeware.
  • Do not open any email attachments that are suspicious. If you did open a suspicious attachment, disconnect your device from the Internet immediately.
  • If you feel you have been infected by ransomware, disconnect your computer from the Internet, and power it down immediately. Then bring it to a professional for assessment. This will prevent the ransomware infection from spreading further across your network or other devices connected to your network.
  • This type of ransomware locks up files on the computer, but if the victim pays within seven days, then they will receive their decryption key.


What software prevents ransomware?

Since ransomware keeps files hostage, it is best to have a good backup system in place. Having an antivirus installed will go a long way, but if you are always connected to the internet, then this should be your top priority.

Since ransomware is a large-scale problem, it can be addressed on a global scale. End users should have another layer of protection.

But this does not mean that consumers cannot take steps to protect themselves against ransomware as well as their business networks from these malicious viruses! How? You may askā€¦ Well, what you need is an internet security software developer to create a product that can block ransomware from infecting your computer device and the data stored in it. Such products are called anti-ransomware software. There are some companies that produce quality anti-ransomware software that can fight any form of ransomware attacks with a success rate of 100%.

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